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Author(s): ROBLIN François
Contributor: CAUE de l'Orne

Thinking our future living environment

The worldwide federation of young architects’ and the International Council of French architects have developed world forums of young architects with the aim of:

– Putting young French architects at work in international teams, which both trains and emulates,

– Bringing a rospective approach with a vision as wide as possible and an international glance to a territory,

– Creating a different relation between architects and the elected on the capacity of the former to provide answers and that of the latter to appropriate landscaping concepts.

In 2015, the twelfth forum was organised in France.

Organising a forum means mobilising a local partnership. The council for architecture, urban planning and environment of the Orne region, a France-specific structure (1977 Law on architecture), the local development tool per se entrusted with the vocation to advice individuals, raise awareness, train professionals, elected authorities and technicians, gave rise to a need to think the future of the city for the elected of Flers and its agglomeration in the Orne region over a ten years period. The CAUE then suggested calling upon a forum.

As the Flers Agglomeration Delegated Vice President recalls: “By welcoming foreign architects over a two weeks period, we want to open the reflection to outside eyes on our territory, our country, our continent, our thinking mode on the architecture of a city, a neighbourhood”.

The forum is a participative approach that ties together various events (seminars, conferences, exhibitions, public debate, participation of municipal colleges).

It offers a local response to a general problematic and the transposability of the latter. Very often, the subjects are precursor: the University in the city in 1991 in Perpignan, the mountain eco-station in Font-Romeu in 2009. In 2015, in Flers, it was the rural metropolis as an alternative and durable response to the urban metropolis.

This is an opening towards a prospective intent similar to an “urban planning agency” over territories that do not boast one.

The forum enjoyed the support of the International Union of Architects and the UNESCO, the Basse Normandie DRAC) Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Basse-Normandie regional council, the Orne departmental council, the Caisse des Dépôts and consignation, Europe (LEADER Pays du Bocage), the City of Flers and the Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays de Flers.

Main topic : International Council of French architects