Author(s): Florence SARANO
Contributor: ENSA Marseille

The possible horizons studio

WHAT FUTURE? Redefining the roles OF ARCHITECTS.

This Project Studio is a space for exploring the commitments of architects today. Defining architecture is a continual quest undertaken in every era, every project, and, because the world is a changing place, it must always be redefined. This continuous impetus is paced by an alternation between theory and material, design and construction.

But today with global challenges and the sustainability paradigm, questions are posed collectively and in more interdisciplinary ways:

How to build better with less? What is the role of living things? Who orders and who helps with the design? What is sustainable aesthetics?


Shifting educational topics to protected spaces, meeting engaged institutional stakeholders, developing innovative partnerships, inviting researchers, immersing oneself by living on the site, listening and sharing with the islanders: this field-workshop, helps weave a singular relationship with the archipelago to “think together to define new ” possible horizons for a sustainable future.

This experiment overcomes habitual limits to locate itself at the intersection between theoretical investigations and practical explorations. Choosing the experience of cohabitation means betting on the set skills brought together for greater understanding and creativity.


Starting with the territory to move toward the architectural structure: in reference to Alberto Magnaghi, considering the urban bioregion. Inviting interdisciplinary researchers (philosophers, ethnologists, geographers, landscape designers, etc.) and based on their work, stirring up their visions on the site to collectively examine and build hybrid knowledge to be linked together. It involves imagining a laboratory format, to immerse oneself and go out to meet the residents and stakeholders (Thank you to all of them!), listening, engaging in dialogue, and learning to think together. In the end, it leads to proposing land scenarios and inventing “active architectures” in reference to Alain Guiheux.


Our approach and our propositions are for everyone, to encourage discussions and dialogues on the identity of the islands that are “mirrors of the world”.


Our production can be considered as a travelling landmark, ready to be connected with those who ask: how to design and build in new ways? and who seek to open up new horizons. It is also an optimistic beacon to be linked to all those who live on the planet and highlight the challenges to be overcome for its future.

Programme : Outside workshop