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Author(s): Collectif Pourquoi Pas !?
Contributor: ENSA Lyon

The brickyard of the Mas du Taureau


On the contrary, we see it as a way to give shape to our ideas about society, not to make them fixed. It must create the opportunity for continuous improvement through prefiguration, by testing various hypotheses, noting successes and failures, modifying, taking a step backward. This iterative process, dear to Lucien Kroll, has seen its successes build upon each other and become enriched through new trials. The city again becomes a continually changing place, a site for debate and action.

In Vaulx-en-Velin, we take the opposing view to the models, that since the ZUP (Priority Urbanisation Areas), have made and unmade our suburbs by alternating starting from scratch and major development plans.


To establish ourselves on the site, at the same location as the demolitions – reconstructions and “urban renewal” project. To occupy this space between that kindles frustrations but might become fertile ground for various initiatives. To live on the site and establish a daily presence, so as never to sidestep an encounter. To open a space for expression or speaking, thinking, and building together.


A book in one hand, a drill in the other; it is through doing that one’s power to act becomes a successful and conscious process.

Odd jobs, discussions, architecture school in the field; these activities bring us together around the desire to act together.

We organise construction workshops on the city in the broad sense: urban agriculture, the development of public space, etc. so that everyone can get involved and create concrete outcomes from the desires that emerge from the discussions.


The Fabriqueterie (brick works) hopes to give the keys to the city back to the residents who currently lack them. Erasing walls and anticipating meetings to never fall into “isolationism”: the Fabriqueterie is as much an approach as a space. A site under construction, around which have aggregated local associations and institutions, tenants committees, chibani (Arabic for senior citizen) neighbours, etc., but especially those who have no other label than that of resident, and who, yet, have many things to say, imagine, and build.


The Fabriqueterie is an initiative from the Pourquoi Pas!? architects collective. Conducted together with the “La Fabrique in Situ” (In Situ Construction) masters program at the French National School of Architecture in Lyon, for which it extends and anchors the educational program at the Mas du Taureau in Vaulx-en-Velin

It is assisted by the Cuesta and smileandco associations, supported and financed by the Major City Project and the municipality of Vaulx-en-Velin.

Programme : Making workshops on the city