Author(s): Brachard de Tourdonnet

Stadium locker room

On the edge of Bordeaux, this sports stadium is home to weekend football and rugby matches for the local teams. During the week, neighbouring school children come here for athletics. A very obsolete building dating from the 1960s welcomes them.

The project involved renovating and doubling the area of the locker rooms. By respecting the structural frame and length of the existing building, the new construction adjoins the old locker room through a glass roof. Thus, natural light enters the locker rooms.

The existing was simply built up by the new project. This minimises its coverage of the available lot and allows for a simple distribution of the rooms, on both sides of a corridor bathed in top lighting. The roof is of folded, corrugated white steel sheet; a single light envelope for both buildings. The foundation wall is a concrete base; a solid foundation that is consistent with the existing terraces. The central hollow is a protected threshold that helps stage the entrance and a call to the pitch.The simple volume of the expansion is inspired by the existing building and offers a unified reading of both entities, the already there, and the newly built, to form a single building.

Function : Sports locker rooms