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Author(s): Sabine THUILIER
Contributor: ENSA Clermont-Férrand


Since 2011, the ENSACF is committed to a partnership with primary school Charles Perrault, which is situated at the heart of the La Gauthière neighbourhood, where an urban renewal process has been under way for the past few years. This school initiated a pilot pedagogic project aiming to develop a cultural classroom on the thematic of the city using a multidisciplinary approach (artistic, architectural, cinematographic) involving the various cultural actors of the territory.

ENSACF teacher and architect Sabine Thuiler created and promotes an optional tuition to raise awareness to the city dedicated to this partnership: Sensibilis(actions).

The aim of the partnership consists in proposing, structuring and carrying out – each year – a mission to raise awareness to the city and its architecture with CM1 pupils using a group of Master 1 students from the ENSACF. The architecture students are in a position of mediators and follow the same process as in an architectural project: they analyse the context, express objectives, design a collective project, define adapted theoretical contributions, build specific tools and implement the action.

Fundamentally, it means that:

– The students open up to new grounds, approach new professional practices and develop concrete projects (from the conception to the realisation)

– The children discover a new discipline and cultural references

– Both groups create ties together, build bridges between these close worlds that do not meet, and encourage a veritable cultural exchange.

Particular attention is granted to valorise actions during public exhibition timeframes or on the occasion of installations on the public space, presenting the intention of the students and work of the children.

This sort of experiment encourages the construction of a common language and creates new riches, both for the future architects and for children.