Author(s): BLOCK architectes

Seguin house

Average sized commune Les Herbiers… 2002: a regulation, regulations… a Land Use Plan in a heritage area, a floodable plot… Imposed size and materials, scrapped finishes, canal tiles, “we have just what you need in store madam, just choose in our catalogue… how many will you take today?”

Almost every time, this situation drives to the neo-regionalist model of butterfly catchers,

How can we escape this situation without being outlawed?

How can we offer something else?

Let’s get out of the catalogue and forsake a model devoid of sense

Perhaps we can tell another tale?

Perhaps we can dismantle the model and put the house back together again, differently this time?

Let it flow with the plot, empty it from its tight spaces, pierce its head and flanks, let in light and air, finally allowing it to breathe…

The house of a lifetime does it not deserve that we should stop before it a minute? Does it ask us to at least question its location, position of the plot, orientation, and altimetry?

We have to understand that the position of a plot lower than the road is already the beginning of a story, that of a gateway leading into an island surrounded by greenery, the house with its feet in the grass and its head in the stars. An “island” house with double heights articulated around a spiral stairway, air, height, light coming in from all sides, through the street, through the roof. We go up, we climb to a mezzanine littered with children’s toys, a vertical view over the large living room, the rooms are across the gateway behind the stairs, then the greenhouse, plants during the day, stars at night…