Author(s): BRINGAND Flore
Contributor: ENSA Bretagne

Ruralcities / Ruralities

On the front of “contemporary rurality”

URALCITIES / RURALITIES is a militant pedagogical experience carried out in the DATTA (de l’Architecture au Territoire, du Territoire à l’Architecture) project workshop at the ENSAB (Brittany National College of Architecture) in partnership with the Rennes Area and that explores the thematic of the development of rural communes under the influence of an agglomeration, i.e. a pole of attraction situated at less than half an hour in car and from which they depend.

For the past thirty years, the Rennes Area has enjoyed one of France’s highest growth rates. Housing pressure gains ground and now affects second or third layer communes.

In this context, the subject is that of the transformation of two rural communes situated between 15 and 20 kilometres from the city of Rennes through the analytical observation of their growth by extension and massive construction of individual houses and the proposition of alternatives to the generic urban development and dominating offer of standardised housing.

The DATTA project workshop thus questions the “archipelago city” model and compactness principle starting from the prospective exploration of the evolution of the rural lifestyle on the 2070 horizon.

The term “RURALCITIES” is the contraction of RURAL and CITIES and evokes a passage from a state of rural commune to that of an urban area connected to the network of satellite communes of an agglomeration that provides jobs, facilities and services.

The term “RURALITIES” is the contraction of RURAL and REALITIES and refers to the many realities of a constantly evolving rural environment.

Both terms were invented by the DATTA project workshop and testify of the intent of reinventing a mode of urban growth and a lifestyle borne from the renewed notion of “rurality”, leaning on the double demand of the durability of urban and architectural development and a new “contemporary sociability” that questions the spatial and temporal schemes of the rural, multipolar and metropolitan lifestyle.

Subject : Developing countryside towns