Author(s): OECO architectes

Repairing the existing / evoking the already here

In travelling the straight roads of the Landes region, an image strikes the mind, that of the repetitive sequences of pines that line these roads. The changing rhythm of trees due to kinetic effects affects the senses and calls the mind to escape. This is the primitive feeling at the base of the project located in the middle of the forest: to rediscover the alternating tree trunks in lines that block or allow light and the views between them.

This speaks to a collective subconscious, that we seek to arouse, and that is influenced or enhanced by the landscapes of our regions. This shared imagination conditions individual and collective representations that emerge from consciousness in the form of symbols.

The project is part of the core of an agricultural area comprised of fields and warehouses, engulfed by successive interventions without any overall logic. So as to provide coherence to this disordered ensemble, a unifying element had to be established at the core of the estate, restoring simplicity and order to the whole.

Therefore, the project consisted of defining a true first level for the site, to match the company’s image, now turned toward environmentally friendly agriculture.

Beyond the construction of this small building, the project proposes to re-envision the flows and future changes to the entire farm, and thus plays a role on a much greater scale in improving its direct environment.

On the edge of the auto route, the building is defined through its wood structure, clearly exposed to the exterior. The facade, thus comprised of repeated structural modules, produces changing highlights under the effects of the light, itself accented by the vision in motion from the road.

The presence of wood as the project’s unifying element was intentional: reusing a construction method and craftsmanship already tested on the farm, but in a different design. Its use here calls upon construction intelligence but exceeds it; it goes beyond the simple limits of gravity to make an architectural language readable, a poetic support and a new wealth for the site.

On the inside, the double-height entrance volume connects the working spaces. Simple and well lit, they are sequenced by views of the countryside.

The gaze then crosses and moves toward the pines, in the distance… There where it all began.

Function : Renewal of a vineyard domain with a new building for offices and parking lot