Author(s): Atelier d'architecture Yvann Pluskwa

Reconciling fabrics and souls

In Marseille, within the confines of the city, long-forgotten between four opposing neighbourhoods and communities, in an extraordinary natural area of white rocky inlets, around an indistinct lot.

Under the impetus of the ANRU, the City has made a priority of reconnecting webs and souls.

In this social enclave, on a steeply sloping lot, the project approach strives to create a public space for all and redirect entertaining programs to give them a more societal, more human dimension.

Inspired by the work of Levinas and Natalini, we sought to implement a set of simple, economical systems to bring together otherness and empathy, developed as follows:

By designing “patio-balconies” structured by low half-walls without railings, made using undistinguished practices and treatments to engage the porous nature of uses, free and stimulating occupations, favourable to visual exchanges and devoid of any form of discrimination.

By building a uniform common floor to avoid giving priority to uses and engage free and unexpected occupations,

By creating a path for school children and opportunities for encounters,

By keeping the majestic trees, and adapting to the existing buildings and related structures,

By giving the project a natural character through materials taken explicitly from the land and the landscape,

By arranging approved uses to smooth relationships and promoting exchanges, sharing, and encounters while arranging possible forms of privacy reversible benches, picnic benches, balance beam benches, free benches without constraints, block walls, backrests, reversible walls, sets of beams arranged on a gravel base for playing petanque, etc.

By staging otherness, through patios and sound dampening walls, so that every human and natural uniqueness can become a potential theatre of relationships, and a marvellous testimonial to the living, by excluding all social and generational discrimination.

Now the project is complete; and support from all generations and groups has been spectacular.

We are eminently touched by this: the spectacle of life in motion, activated through the design and free practice by the occupants, has greatly moved us.

We wanted to share this great experience as human urgency is continuous, even here, and we must commit to its disappearance to the best of our abilities.

Programme : Parc ludico-sportif de Sormiou