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Author(s): Bernard Quirot et Alexis Stremsdoerfer, Avenir Radieux

Radiant future

The association, Avenir Radieux (Radiant Future), was created in 2014 at the initiative of the BQ+A1 architecture firm and various key figures. It hopes to give architecture a central role in the life of the village of Pesmes, in Franche-Comté.

Located in a rural area, we have observed a clear deterioration of our environment. We think that the answer to this situation must come from local action to rebuild what various institutions have abandoned. We must reconsider our role. The choice of an association structure demystifies the architect, makes her/him more accessible to individuals with moderate income, and relocates her/him within the community.

Environmental challenges now weigh on all consciences. The architect must understand them to restructure and densify old centres in which a new form of citizenship can be imagined.

Teaching young architects outside the academic arena (we are the only region without an architecture school), allows us to establish a theoretical knowledge and practice related to the rural world, but that is also universally accessible.

We must stir up a desire for architecture at the local political level and design the order to continue our activity with pleasure, against the disengagement of the Government and the loss of influence by institutions that until now helped us to work under good conditions.

We are developing three types of action:

Free advice to individuals, potentially followed by a complete project led by new graduates.

Advice to the local political structure on improving the living environment, including that of public spaces.

An annual architecture seminar accompanied by a cycle of conferences to refocus the debate on construction and material quality.

In one year, we completed three projects and many designs for individuals and the village. In 2015, a first architecture seminar brought together thirty participants from throughout France; they produced ten projects on three sites within the village. The seminar was punctuated by presentations from E. Curien, M. Botineau, and JB. Calori (CAB studio), C. Joudet and C. Vergely, S. Moor, G. Perraudin, and A. Scaranello. The second seminar will take place in Pesmes in July 2016.

Our association conducts day-to-day work on practice, transmission, and reflection.