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Author(s): BRUT architectes


Off camera

Domestic architecture is an ordinary fight. For many, it is an elitist, expensive, uncommon practice… For too few, it is a conscious choice, an alternative to an irrational system, unsuited to their needs and their means. For us, it is a responsible act!

Foregone Conclusions

The PEN.DU house is a pragmatic response to a given problem: containing a minimum volume – the housing unit – in a maximum space – the scope of possibilities. The project borrows its form from a simple and archaic architectural heritage, which is presented as a response that is simultaneously economic and rational. The fine interconnectedness of uses helps free up a potential, changing, de-compartmentalised space, where the indoors and outdoors interpenetrate.

The human and the bale

Architecture spreads out, projecting the usable area in a measured way, they way the body moves, anticipating positions, investing in the space between, opening up perspectives.

It attests to the human ability to build with concrete things. Here the hay bale is the unit of measurement, 35 x 50 x 90, stood on edge, erected by hand in a double frame forming a chamber. As a partition made of filled and void spaces, the architecture imposes a rhythm.


“The plastic house” was made of 95% biogenous materials: wood to give preference to a responsible sector and value a fundamental know-how, straw to design a high-performance envelope, out of a local and connected economy, sand to build sea flooring and obtain good inertial input… Translucent PVC panels were imposed as a technological and economical solution to meet the need to use the garden in winter and cover the entire structure. This radical position allowed us to reveal the plastic dimension of the material. The proper and immediate expression of the material, revealing the structure, and resonating with the light. “Your house is like the sea”.


The PEN.DU house is like a beacon along the path to the beaches. An open house that lights up at nightfall_ at the time when electric rollers hum, absorbing all the life emanating from these little inhabited sarcophagi. Like a lighthouse that marks a territory, the PEN.DU takes us back to civilisation, life, and others.

Function : House