Author(s): Leibar et Seigneurin


The mastery of the volumetric impact of the building and attention granted to its perception strongly steered the relation between the project and its environment.

The insertion to the landscape is completely induced by the logic of implantation that was retained.The usual hypothesis of a large, horizontal platform provoking earth movements was set aside to the profit of the housing of the project in the natural slope of the plot.The volume of the building does not compact declivity, but rather tries to use the latter to reduce the visual impact of the edifice and to enjoy the heat inertial linked to buried walls.

This strategy of implantation veritably inscribes the project in the site.The architectural treatment is simple and rigorous. A white veil of masonry circles the buried whole, connecting with the edifice through a long façade in galvanised cladding.The cladding is made of folded blades nested with successive offsets to form a scale skin inducing a vibration to the light.An alignment of tall-stem trees introduces a contrast between the rough steel skin and the organic character of the planting.This treatment allows for a thin inscription into the landscape, and a sober architecture enhancing its relations of materials and textures in a sleek geometry.

Programme : Usine de salaison de jambons