Author(s): Heintz-Kehr et associés

Multifunctional space

At the edges of the magnificent commune listed in the registry of the most beautiful villages in France, we placed a delicate project respectful of the landscape and that leans towards nature and the surrounding fields. Sober and contemporary signature, pure all-wooden forms, the project vigorously testifies of the intent of a community to inscribe itself in the future with respect and enthusiasm.

Its ageless aesthetics ensures timelessness away from fashions from the entrance of the village.

Its horizontality puts a new benchmark to the hilly context of the surroundings and the distant landscape of the Piémonts of the Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park.

Its large transparencies liberate the room from interior/exterior contours. This continuity finds its expression in the large outside terrace dedicated to summer night time parties and accessible through a large sliding window. The terrace remains in close contact with the fields and, under the wine planted on a canopy, is a contemporary reinterpretation of the vernacular tradition of old farm courtyards in Hunspach with the shade that wisteria and vines offers.

The building rests on a concrete paving block. The main hall is made up of a semi-portico structure in glue-laminated timber resting over a veil of concrete. Solid wood joists support the roof trays and the isolation and waterproofing complex. The 800 square meters covered courtyard in solid local wood is attached to the structure in bracing through the use of purlin catchers. The planking under the covered courtyard is made up of concrete sleepers on stringers and of planks of Vosges larch.

The great hall is covered with wood parquet on solid oak lambourdes continuing into the hallway, office and the access lock of a tall wall in larch integrating the openings to the kitchen, bar, management. The hall and access lock are also equipped with a wooden ceiling that uses the same rhythm as the wall cladding. The annex rooms are clustered in a technical area in a concrete structure. The floors are painted with concrete whilst gold paint coats the walls.

This project falls into the scope of an environmental intention calling upon materials and expertise veritably anchored in a territory, that of the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park. It privileges short circuits for materials and companies and oscillates between rusticity and contemporaneity, modern and pictorial, but also between simple purity and sophisticated details. Generous with the privilege of the site, a contemporary archaism. A new sobriety?

Function : Multipurpose cultural space