Author(s): ROCHE Gabriel
Contributor: TESSIER Dominique, Architecte Conseil de l'Etat

Meriel’s hamlets

This ensemble project includes two hamlets, one on a plateau and hillside, the other in plains. It places itself into a widely tree-filled rural landscape. The plot (13,7 ha) is located in very close fringes of the city centre of Meximieux.

Dwellings are gathered by subsection of a variable height between one and three levels. Housings are clustered by the addition or superposition and their gathering is related to the natural relief and the geographical orientation. The facades offer large opaque surfaces, main views are framed on the far landscape. Roads lead to parking plots and shared facilities; every dwelling is individually reachable, whether through ground level or an individual external staircase. Widely inserted into a vegetable milieu nevertheless theses clusters keep a mineral characteristic according to the cast concrete building system and the ground design.

Thanks to a thorough study of the natural relief and the complementarity of scales between individual and multiple-unit housings, buildings adapt themselves to the sloping site. Forty years after completion this architecture contrasts with traditional environment but kindly shows how a shortage in style manages no to confront the integration into landscapes. The quality of housing composition both in plan and section as well as their relations to the landscape and the street, bear witness to an immense sensitivity towards ways of life.

- Gabriel Roche
- 149 dwellings for Bugey EDF powerstation's workers
- Meximieux
- 1966-1975