Author(s): DE-SO architectes

La Boiserie

A mayor

The Boiserie de Mazan project enjoys the support of a mayor who wants a real community hall that can host family or charity events, shows, film screenings, concerts and why not, operas… He envisions his territory like a heritage, a “legacy to future generations”.

A programme

The great hall has a capacity of 1000 people, including 640 seated, and is made up of a set stage and 415 seats on telescopic platforms. It is equipped with reception areas: multi-purpose room for 30, exhibition space, foyer, bar, dressing rooms, a large car park…

A location

The site leans on the horizon of the Ventoux and enjoys a hot and dry climate in a spread of vineyards in the middle of a large agricultural plain.

Between geometry and dust

The project testifies of the elements that shape the site using ever-present and constantly active physical phenomena. The intensity of the light and graphic quality of a building are intrinsically linked to the dust suspended in mid-air. Here, wooden, hay and earth powder designate the materials to use, and which impose their own geometry.

Triangulation and aim

This edifice is not founded, it is lashed. In the manner of Portolan charts, it defines its exact position using a large-scale triangulation. The point of aim is the Ventoux Mountain and the two wings of the building are dislocated as they open to the rising sun.

The frame and the wall

To build the big box, the hay fills the walls, the pigmented plaster waterproofs whilst the wood compartments. The frame bears the roof and bows to protect the walls from overheating. It carries a vine that offers itself to the sun and keeps the ochre walls in the shade.

An atmosphere

The project uses three local wood essences: cedar, black pine and pin à crochet. The treatment of the wood is rough, without planing, deprived of varnish. In time, the project will melt into the colours of the earth; the Mistral will blow the dust and pigments that will give back the edifice its matte and earthen aspect. In the hall, the horizon of the wood both evokes a tent or an overturned row boat.


The architects worked with local partners on this project. They formed an association with the Bet Gaujard Technologie, in charge of drawing the wood frames right down to the bolts, sharpen the profiles and simplify the assemblages. On site, they meet up with mason Moretti who will pour the perfect screed and will notch the ochre plaster.

Function : Multicultural Equipment