Contributor: HUET Gérard

Inhabited rurality and/or diffuse city?

Sous les pavés… la plage![1]», but what quality for the inhabitans, what idea for the cities?

Demographic growth, attractivity of the greatest urban areas… both public and domestic resources weaken, and this financial as well as cultural breakdown question the ability of living together. Nowadays, inequity in mobility access brings a heavy social segregation and, although in theory one can move where he wants, it settlements concentrate the same social class.

The logic of supply and demand dominates, and this process implies the partition of both city and villages, and aggregates « difficult neighborhoods » where any social cohesion blurs.

Internet networks are often seen as a solution to balance this process of segregation, although we may doubt… Could digital growth offer an alternative to lack of jobs?

Therefore, we notice a urban crumbling, desertification of rural villages, where yearning for comfortable standards increases evidences of individualism.

Territories of Corsica are deliquescent, social desert for the rural part of the mountains, extravagantly dense for the more urban parts of the coast… Desert of solitudes in one case, intensification of social solitudes in the other.

This situation scoffes any geographic quality, any empathy towards landscape

A new supply of housing, new habitat and lifestyles possibilities should be searched, that should better answer to actual needs, social uses, and be more careful towards environmental criterias.

Corsica, although specific context between France and Italy, nothing stands ordinary. Memorable landscapes, old villages smartly settled with aspect and topography, cities installed along shore or bays… feet in the water… but however ostentatious demonstration of the seaside standardization, always prejudicial for landscape.

May littoral and mountain play a common score?
This is the question.

[1]        Litteraly « beach appears under pavements », a motto of 1968 student demonstrations in Paris.


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