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Author(s): TICA architectes

La Ferme du Marais Girard

The old Marais Girard farm is located in a marshy area, on the ocean shore, caught up in residential urbanisation: an ordinary coastal site.

The uncultivated site, with an area of 1.2 hectares, includes 2 existing buildings in its southern part, along the coastal road: the farm dwelling and barn, as well as a wetland, fed by a canal below the lot.

The starting point for the project was a meeting between a site to be revealed and the future plans of Marylou and Damien (clients), who want to turn the page in their careers to create a simple and warm meeting place open to the village that they know well and and of which they have a fondness.

The vacation village is comprised of 16 grouped villas (floating, elevated, or patios) where one can stay, connected with the environment and away from daily habits. In addition to these villas, there are 5 guest houses, one caretaker’s residence, and common buildings (reception area, restaurant, bar, event hall, pool, shared kitchen, greenhouse, cellar, and exhibition hall).

The program, layout and architecture respond to requirements for the privacy of the holiday-makers while offering a strong connection with the natural environment and seaside activities. Only foot or bike traffic is allowed on the site.

From its design and through construction, one of the common threads was to take advantage of the resources present on site by moving, transforming, and re-organising them:

– The former old oak rafters from the frame for the barn were used to create interior walls in the guest houses and some facade walls in the shape of wood cubes

– The unused tiles from the old barn roof were, once custom-cut like bricks, used for the wall panel of the drying room, allowing the sea air to circulate freely.

– Stones from the openings were used to make retaining walls

Function : Touristy Villas, guest rooms, restaurant, bar, etc.