Author(s): PPA architectes

Espace Monestié

Situated in the commune of Plaisance du Touch, 15 kilometres away from the city centre, the project falls into the scope of an ordinary territory characterising peri-urban areas.

Located at the exit of the former city centre, away from the departmental road in a diffuse, heterogeneous areas, the site consists of industrial buildings (dealerships and warehouses), real estate promoters’ housing, a school, a car park and the existing building.

An identity

The volume, package and industrial construction mode ensure the continuity with the context. However, the complex and alive architectural expression confers a singular presence through the use of materials reacting to atmospheric conditions.

By searching for a form of blatancy, the project reveals and completes the potentialities of the site to renew its history.

A location

Prolonging public spaces, the piazza works like a village square that welcomes and distributes all the programmes. As a connecting interface, it makes the extension of activities possible (queuing for a film, hall and foyer of the theatre, terrace of the bar and restaurant). A wide neutral space boasting a strong potential for its appropriation by its users, it becomes an “extra” space adapted to the organisation of all sorts of events.

The project is an intense living place addressing various audiences. By blending activities and temporalities, it encourages exchanges, mobilising and revealing local energies.

A tool building

Each entity responds to the specific demands of the use and works autonomously. Yet the diversity of the programme and general organisation, whilst valorising synergies between the entities, allow to multiply the possibilities and scales of use. For example, the successive rooms can be combined and allow creating sub-wholes adapted to the needs of the events organised.

Versatility, flexibility and modularity allow the commune to enjoy a supple, high-performing and economical tool building.

Open, easy to appropriate and generous, the project affirms the priority given to the quality of the uses and collective initiatives.

The Espace Monestié is a contemporary location illustrating the new expectations and vitality and energy of this peri-urban territory.

Function : Cultural Centre