Author(s): Lanoire et Courrian

Chasse Spleen Castle

Two anthracite grey horizontal monoliths comprising an area dedicated to the service and manoeuvring of agricultural machinery make up the new agricultural and administrative centre of the château Chasse – Spleen.

Our client is a trained architect/landscaper who does not want the building to be an ostentatious architectural gesticulation unrelated to the humility of a hangar.

She wants the agricultural centre to be a contemporary hangar participating to a landscaping staging.

In line with the regional architectural tradition where every building simply responds to its function, she does not want a formal or financial overkill on the agricultural buildings.

Thus, the volumes and materials used originate from the industrial and agricultural worlds. The centre is made up of two hangar-style buildings.

The outside wall of the technical area falls into the continuity of the volumes of the hangars.

Its nature is exactly that of the façade.

The same applies to the two-sloped roofs of the buildings.

These two “hangars” are both long parallelepipeds of approximately 100 meters long by 8 meters large and 6,5 meters tall.

Devoid of any embellishment, they become abstract through the use of a same material on the façade, walls and fence: corrugated ribbed fibre-cement panels.

Function : Agricultural and administrative center of Chateau Chasse Spleen