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Author(s): Chris Younès et David Marcillon, Réseau PHILAU, ENSA Clermont-Ferrand
Contributor: Réseau PhilAU, ENSA Clermont-Ferrand

Between architecture and philosophy

In touch with built environments, the Urban Architecture Philosophy Network is a meeting point between research, practice, and teaching in philosophy and architecture. Created, directed, and coordinated by Chris Younès at the School of Architecture of Clermont Ferrand since 1984, philosopher, with architects Michel Mangematin initially, and then David Marcillon starting in 1996, the network is international and was certified in 2006 as a “Thematic Research Network” by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Together with the GERPHAU laboratory and other partners, we are working to organise conferences, edit or support reference publications, and distribute our journal, “Le Philotope” free of charge. Philosophers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, artists, researchers, instructors, doctoral candidates, students, and scientists are mobilised in a questioning and creative “interdisciplinary environment”. From these meetings with multiple perspectives, events, discussions, and collective works are created, which seek to explore new horizons in thinking, to see and do in new ways, to understand what is involved in our current life, and to think of “metamorphoses” within it, to envision and experiment with “areas for transformation”.

Through an engaged, alternative, and positive approach that has been ongoing for thirty years, of the meeting between Architecture and Philosophy… we are taking action to be an indicator, mediator, and activator of wealth between their ways of thinking and to create worlds, always in resonance with ethical and aesthetic questions about the contemporary production of places and inhabited environments.

A field of experiments open to a wide public comes out of the many books published and to be published – to the innumerable authors, known and developing – published at well-known publishing houses such as Hermann, MétisPresses, Infolio, La Découverte, Descartes & Cie, Les Editions de la Passion, Ousia – . A new and continually changing map of concepts and collections of reference and experimental ideas, values, and works have been developed over time between “Sites”, “Environments”, “Territories”, “Experiences”, etc.

The PhilAU Network is becoming a cosmopolitan Think-Lab that generates retro-prospective material with potential and sharing opportunities that are sources of wealth highlighting that the “micro” and penniless can be major and inter-cultural encounters, empowerment!

Programme : Direction ou soutien de publications de référence