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Author(s): L'équipe pédagogique du S9 CCER
Contributor: ENSA Toulouse

A reflection into action

“Any project: a thought in action, in life, a difficult judgement, unforeseeable novelty against any academism…”
Gilles Deleuze

Topic: A critical project

Understanding and designing contemporary urban territories with a critical and scholarly perspective.

The student carried out a close reading of the site and actively and critically viewed the location(s) by questioning the past as well as by becoming an expert on the present.

Some investigations were posed in advance, and the studio feeding them, sedimenting them, developing them, and adding others. The relevance of the investigations is as valuable as the proposed answer. The latter is seen as a potential response, for which the goal is an exemplary nature. All investigations were fed by reading texts and through conferences.

Each project must be perceived as a critical project; it must not accept any statement without questioning its value.

Educational objectives: a requirement

As much theoretical as practical mastery of the various procedures proposed in the workshop to develop the project as well as assimilation of theoretical data contributed along the way, and used to implement the planned work. A critical appropriation of the composition processes.

Supporting and expanding operating knowledge in carrying out projects by emphasising the design and representation processes: use of sites, active analysis, design by precedent, and participatory experiments.

Studio: a research procedure

This year, the studio brought together eleven active research projects, grouped by theme after they were developed. Each one claims an exemplary situation and a special perspective on our contemporary world. They were all fed through many lectures, each one specific.

The studio promoted itself as linking theory and practice in equal parts with a single design impetus.

– Conceiving of the project as expertise

– Conceiving of the project as a theme

– Conceiving of the project as a utopia

Shared knowledge: a guarantee of wealth

On a regular basis, sharing research work was organised through round tables where everyone, instructors and students, had an equal opportunity to speak. The studio was experienced as a shared space and inspired passionate debates about architecture and its contemporary production.