Author(s): DDA & Fassio Viaud architectes

A lost corner

A lost corner between the railway, high-voltage tension lines, factories and the road.

A pure and banal result of suburban sprawl.
Forsaken by agriculture.

A place whose soul has long perished.

An abandoned territory, an ascetic programme to welcome dogs and police officers.

Three Functional Units linked together by a service courtyard: the staff, the dogs, the departments.

A triangular building reveals a triangular courtyard.

Symbol of stability, social security.

Sharp angles, massive walls define a defensive military figure.

The outer walls are anything but feng-shui…

A black object absorbing the light to better reveal it inside of its mass….

Structured, delimited and pointing to the heavens.

Mystical courtyard.

Pure cloister.

Black, colour of power, authority, solemn, mystery.

A warped American professor said about this:

“… The only thing missing is the eye of God, shinning, opening the sky inscribed in the triangle, symbolizing the divine trinity…”

Let’s be clear… the religious angle was never considered.

A silent architecture.

Programmed and thought to merge.

No compromise, no complacency.

A furtive ship sails through forgotten fields.

Tomorrow, it could very well take off.

It is anchored nowhere.

It could be elsewhere or completely different tomorrow.

The courtyard, exuberant garden and pure white walls.

We could hear children laugh and play.

Not just dogs barking without anyone to hear them.

Simplicity and economy allow going straight to the essence.

Continuity lies both in the built materiality and in the intentionality of the sense.

Architecture lives and survives through its beauty, because it seduces, animates and sometimes even inspires beings. Because it is matter and because it can, sometimes albeit too rarely, transcend this matter.

Herzog & De Meuron

Function : Dog Unit