Author(s): CALORI Jean-Patrice, AZIMI Bita, ANDREATTA Nicolas, BARNAUD Anne-Marie, GIBOIN Pauline
Contributor: ENSA Versailles

20th century heritage: project matter


The Versailles students welcome the students from the Centrale: future architects and Centrale students will build their knowledge using the methods characterizing each group. The Centrale students pursued the blurry, seeking the established and scientific truth. Architecture fed from doubt.


We recuperate a portion of something that’s already there, a sort of living memory. To fight a form of tabula rasa, it becomes possible to build into the built whilst developing a free and original intent. Projecting on a pre-existing building is not dissimilar to dialoguing with an immediate context that will be material for architecture.


A building exists on this plateau; a little solitary… the drawing constructs the start of the thought and opens the field of research for a dynamic, oriented diagnosis. The project is built on intuitions and measurable data: structure, fluids, pathologies of the existing, ageing…

Main topic : renovation of Supélec site