Obras & Collectif AJAP14


The Obras office, headed by Frédéric Bonnet, and the AJAP14 collective joined forces to work on the curatorial project for the French pavilion, in the conviction that their common commitment would  provide  a more legitimate  voice for an understanding  of the architectural situation  at the territorial scale, one that could do justice to the rich and fertile field of all the actors involved in the construction of the living environment.

Theirs is a shared vision: that no territory should be excluded  from this reflection,  and that this will require enhancing the qualities of settle- ment in rural territories,  in urban landscapes, and in suburban developments  that are gener- ally excluded  from consideration. This project is undertaken as an experiment in collaborative work, in the conviction that architecture can pro- duce richness outside of the logic of competition and economic growth.

And since collective  work calls for even more collectivity, the team has expanded  to include MYOP, France(s) Liquid Territories, Fourre-Tout Editions, the National schools of Architecture, the council  of architects  of State, the Centers for Architecture, the CAUE, and local communi- ties, as well as all the architects  whose work is presented in this exhibition. The following list is hardly complete.



Le Ministère de la Culture de la Communication


L’institut Français



Le Groupe Caisse des Dépôts


L’Institut national de l’information Géographique et forestière




Le Commissariat Général à l’Egalité des Territoires